Life Skills with Us

Building Independence at Ascent College – Preparation for Adulthood

These are the skills and knowledge areas that Ascent College focuses on to support their students in developing independence, resilience, and self-awareness. From personal safety to employability skills, students learn to navigate and manage different aspects of life as they move towards greater independence.

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Ryan preparing for Independent living

Independent Living

Preparing for independent life as an adult

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Students recognise risk during Personal Safety

Personal Safety

Recognising risks and identifying how to manage them safely and how to get help

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Students from Ascent practicing Road safety & Travel

Road Safety & Travel

Demonstrating how to be safe in the community when travelling and getting ready for independent travel

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Khovan preparing lunch Keeping Healthy

Keeping Healthy

Learning how to remain healthy through exercise, diet and well-being

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Owen and Chris recognising that it’s good to take time out to do something you enjoy for Personal Care

Personal Care

Building independent functional skills to support independence and self regulation

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Ascent 4 work on Health & Fitness

Health and Fitness

Recognising different aspects of leisure and identifying ways and means to navigate and enjoy leisure activities

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Courtney showing she can achieve her goals learning in a way that is suitable for her. Organisation and Learning skills

Organisation and learning skills

Becoming an independent young adult engaging in learning independently in whatever method is appropriate to the individual.

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Ruby employing Motivation and engagement

Motivation and engagement

Gaining attention skills and engagement skills to support resilience

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Ascent 4 Expectations


Recognising and understanding there are different expectations across different settings.

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Ben building self-esteem and self-awareness Evaluating own learning

Evaluating own learning

Building self esteem and self awareness

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Joseph developing resilience and reducing vulnerability while Managing Change

Managing Change

Developing resilience to manage change whilst reducing vulnerability

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Leon managing Transitions


Through experiential opportunities develop resilience to manage transitions

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Chris is showing us how he feels about his Special Interests

Special interests

Understanding own special interests and their significance on mental health and well-being

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Student showing their Thinking and problem solving

Thinking & problem solving

Develop the ability to use knowledge, facts, and data to effectively solve problems, be confident in a range of settings

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Owen working on skills for Employability


Building the essential skills, personal qualities and values that enable young adults to thrive in any workplace. Through a range of experiential work experience opportunities students adapt their ‘enterprise skills’, ‘communication skills’ and ‘workplace skills’.

Parents and Professionals

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