Case Studies

Welcome to our case studies page, where we showcase the achievements of our students. Here, you will find inspiring stories of students who have overcome challenges and accomplished remarkable things in their education and careers. 

Our students’ work ranges from art and music to science and technology, reflecting their diverse interests and talents. These case studies demonstrate that with the right support and opportunities, we can all thrive and achieve our full potential.

How Ruby Has Improved Her Employability Skills

Ruby is on a pathway to develop her ability to live independently, her community access and her employability skills. Ruby has worked hard to learn new skills through her time with us in various work placements.

Learn Why a Professional Music Producer Invited Our Student to London

Like many of his peers, Yanick is an extremely active young person who has progressed with his communication, employability skills, social interaction and preparation for adulthood/life skills.

Building My Future

Ben has worked at Earlestown Cricket Club for two years as part of his employability qualification.

Parents and Professionals

Student named DoE ‘Voice of Neurodiversity’ Youth Ambassador

Student named Duke of Edinburgh’s Youth Ambassador Ascent Autism Specialist College student, Courtney, has been chosen as the voice of neurodiversity for the Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) Youth Ambassador programme. The DofE UK Youth Ambassador programme involves a...