Read about the positive impact Ascent Autism Specialist College has had on the lives of our students, families, and professionals in our testimonials.

At Ascent, we are committed to providing high-quality education, care, and support to young people with Autism and social communication needs. We understand that choosing the right college for your loved one is a crucial decision, and hearing from those who have experienced our services first-hand can help you make an informed choice.

Wendy (BH parent) 2022 parent review:

The timetable Ben follows provides him with the perfect blend of learning and vocational activities that keep him engaged and challenged and allow him to continue to make the remarkable progress he has made over the past few years…

His ability to focus and concentrate both at college and home amazes us…

We remain very conscious of how things can change quickly, and we remind ourselves often of just how far Ben has come and the enormous strides he has made. He continues to amaze us daily with his vocabulary and his attempts to say different words, sentences and requests…

The progress he has made is a result of the incredible staff and the positive and caring environment that LEAP provides; by being surrounded by highly skilled staff who are dedicated to supporting, encouraging and challenging him to work hard and achieve every day. 

Terese (NC parent) 2022 Leavers email:

Neil and I want you, Gemma, Jim, Danielle and all the staff who have worked with Nick to know how much we have valued and appreciated your care and support.

Nick has grown into a fine young man who is achieving things that we would have thought impossible at one time. He has become much more confident and able to express himself, as well as finding a niche at the RSPCA here in Warrington.

Joy (LMcG parent) 2022 transition to year 2:

Thank you so much to you and your wonderful team. You have been so incredibly patient with L during his first year. Please know your time and effort are very much appreciated.

It was a huge change for L leaving Green Lane and moving to LEAP, although it took him a while to settle L loves college, and that is down to each and every one of you!

Jane (RF parent) 2022 Aspire evening:

Thank you so much for a brilliant evening. Thank you to all the staff. You have brought us all so much joy and positivity, and it is a reflection and evidence of all your hard work and dedication.

As parents, we are so lucky and privileged to have you and all the staff taking such great care in helping our adult children achieve, thrive and enjoy life surrounded by people who love them.

It’s incredible. Well done!

Parents and Professionals

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