We support all parties to start to think about transitions into adulthood as soon as they start their journey in Ascent College. This will mean that they have time to consider their options and visit different places.

Specialist education to students with autism

Ascent College is dedicated to providing expert specialist education to students with autism, our focus is upon achieving the very best outcomes. Ascent college supports young people with autism to fulfil their own unique potential, we provide this through safe and nurturing education environments that meet the full range of young people’s needs.


The students and their families may not know what they want to do when they leave college. We support all parties to start to think about it this as soon as they start their journey at Ascent. This will mean that they have time to consider their options and visit different places, so they can make an informed decision.

The transition to adulthood means becoming an adult. Planning for this involves looking at what the student might like to do when they leave Ascent College. Further planning will include looking at where they might live when they leave Ascent College.

Students have the right to make decisions about their future, they are offered support from teachers, TSA’s, therapy and work experience partners. This is facilitated through personal tutorials, 1:1 support and small group support.
Transition from college can be daunting, difficult and confusing. The decisions made can have an impact on the rest of our student’s lives. Ascent College staff support the students to make life choices of their own choosing.

It’s important that the students and their families are engaged in the planning early to make sure decisions are informed and that support is appropriate. A successful transition will involve everyone in the student’s circle of support, e.g. their family, LA, Social Workers, SENCO, teachers and therapists. Ascent College aims to provide careers and employment guidance that can be used to signpost to other services.


This is personalised to the goals and aspirations of the young adults and their choices.

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