Ascent College admits young people with a diagnosis of Autism or social communication needs on an initial assessment period, and to secure a place, completion of a High Needs Funding application is required, which, if agreed upon by the Local Authority, will initiate the transition and admission process.


Each young person is required to have a diagnosis of Autism or social communication needs.
Each young person is admitted on an initial assessment period of one term when a decision will be made on his/her suitability to continue at the college.

Admissions process for Ascent College

Parents and young people are encouraged to visit our college for a tour of our facilities which will in turn introduce them to our educational offer. If you are interested in our college, we would ask you to complete our ‘Parental Expression of Interest’ application – this will be provided to you following your visit.

We would then advise that you contact your Local Authority to express your preference. In doing so, this will prompt the authority to share the EHCP (Education, Health, and Care Plan) and allow us to complete a HNF (High Needs Funding) application.


High Needs Funding

The definition from the government website is:
“High needs funding supports provision for pupils and students with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) who require additional resources to participate in education and learning, from their early years to age 25 in schools and colleges (excluding students aged 19 to 25 who do not have an EHC plan or students who are over the age of 25) and pre-16 pupils in AP who, because of exclusion, illness, or other reasons, cannot receive their education in mainstream schools.”

Next steps

Following submission of the HNF application to the local authority, the LA will make the ultimate decision as to whether they agree a place in Ascent for your son/daughter of which they will contact you with the outcome.
If a place is agreed, then we will make contact with yourselves and begin the transition and admission to college.

Who to contact

If you are interested in a visit to our college, please contact Natalie Molyneux, Student Admissions Officer –


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