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The college provides education for young people with autistic spectrum disorder and is approved by the Department for Education.


At Ascent Specialist College during the first term of admission each learner’s progress is evaluated as part of a baseline assessment and then again at the annual review in the spring term and annually thereon. Learners usually follow a three year programme. A minimum Entry level requirement of E1 qualification and a primary diagnosis of autism are essential admission criteria.


The primary requirement for admission must be a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder together with associated severe to moderate learning difficultiesThe various advices to the Statement of Special Educational Need should provide this information. The primary requirement for admission must be a diagnosis of autistic spectrum. The various advices to the Education, Health & Care Plan should provide this information.

Compatible Grouping

Consideration will be given to the best interests of learners already in college when applicants are being considered for admission. 

Consideration will be given to the level of ability and the pervasiveness of autism in an attempt to achieve a manageable balance.

Our Admissions policy is currently being updated, once completed it can be viewed by clicking here.or by visiting the website’s policy section.

How to Apply

Parents and young people are encouraged to visit our college for a tour of our facilities which will in turn introduce them to our educational offer. If you are interested in our college, we would ask you to complete our ‘Parental Expression of Interest’ application – this will be provided to you following your visit.

We would then advise that you contact your Local Authority to express your preference. In doing so, this will prompt the authority to share the EHCP (Education, Health, and Care Plan) and allow us to complete a HNF (High Needs Funding) application.



For further information please speak to Natalie Molyneux, Student Admissions & Safeguarding Officer.

Parents and Professionals

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